Not Having A Good Memory Like Dory

Some people with autism can have a really good memory but others do not, in this blog I will be discussing to you what having a good memory is really all about. I have been lucky enough to have a good memory and from my past experience I can still remember things up until now, it’s like a special gift that I have. People can be really surprised with how much information I can absorb and how my mind really works.

Learning Lines And Remembering Dance Routines 

When I was in education I was really passionate about musical theatre, dance, making short films, writing scripts and other productive things and still am. With having a good memory it allowed me to remember my lines for when I was playing a character, by doing so I would read my lines repeatively at least ten times until it got into my head. The next, step I would try and read it without the script and before I knew it I could remember my lines. It’s the same for learning a dance routine by going over the same steps until I could remember it. Also, copying and watching anything visual can help with remembering things. It was great for me to help other people when they couldn’t remember their dance routine or other things.

It is great to also, remember quotes from your favourite films and lyrics from your favourite songs.

Writing A Shopping List

When going food or casual shopping, I sometimes like to write down a list of things that I need to buy which, then can help me to remember it but, in other situations if I am shopping with my mum and she asks me to remember some products I would try and remember it. Some words such as: Milk, water and other things are easier to remember but, I do struggle to remember long words. Once something is on my mind I will remember it forever.

Memory Card Games

Anyone with a good memory should be good at playing card games, it’s easier when they are pictures because, you can visualise and remember where it was.

Being Organised And Keeping Your Room Tidy

Everyone is different when it comes to keeping their bedrooms how it should be, for me I like to make sure that, I know where everything is, if something get’s moved I would remember it straight away. I do not like having things being lost because, it makes me get very stressed and upset. I like to keep myself organised so if I am going out the next day I would pack my bag the day before and double check it to make sure, that I have everything that I need.

Remembering Day Trips Out, Faces, Holidays 

One of my favourite things that I love to remember are going out on outings with your friends and family as well as going away on holiday. When I have had an amazing day out, I can remember what we got up to, sometimes what we wore but, not all the time. I can also, remember sometimes people faces, if i have seen them a lot or from my past. Not all the time I can remember names though unless I see them all the time.

Putting Objects In Order 

Another thing is that I love to make sure that, I put my DVDS or certain objects in order sometimes if it’s in a sequel like the Harry Potter films for example. That way if I am looking for something with that particular title I know where to look for. Sometimes I like to go by the actors name for example Zac Efron I would put all of his films together. This may sound weird to people but, it’s a good format to have if you like to be organised or it is the way that you are.

There are so many things that I could discuss to you about why I love my memory so much but, everyone has their own different opinion and it is something that I would like to discuss if anyone has anything else to say.

One of my favourite quotes from Disney’s Aladdin that the Genie says is that: “You look like a prince on the outside. But I didn’t change anything on the inside.” We are different but it doesn’t change the way that we are.

Written by Kathleen McDermott



Top tips you do and don’t do with people who have autism

In this blog I thought that I would discuss my top ten tips that you do and don’t do with people who have autism. These top tips would be really helpful for people who want to understand what autism is and how to deal with it.


  1. Are great at being organised.
  2. Have a really good memory.
  3. Good at being creative whether it is filming or cooking.
  4. We like to complete tasks one at a time and having things broking down to make sure that they understand what they need to do.
  5. We like to be honest to our friends and family.
  6. We like to see things that are visual such as: watching a film, seeing pictures etc.
  7. We sometimes like to do things on our own e.g. traveling to London.
  8. We have to keep our belongings in the same place and like to keep our room clean and tidy.
  9. We always try our best no matter what the situation we are in whether it is finding a work job or taking our driving test.
  10. We like doing activities to keep us entertained when we are out with friends or a course group.
  11. We like eating the same food and going to the same restaurants, we do like a bit of a change if we fancy it.
  12. We can pick up and get tasks done quickly once they know what they are doing.
  13. We like to be focus on one thing before moving on to the next one.
  14. We can be obsessed with things such as: Disney or Harry Potter.
  15. We like to know what the plans are when going out on a day trip with knowing the time, how long it will take etc.
  16. Always make sure that you do your double checks when leaving to go out to places, otherwise you will start panicking.


  1. We do not like people touching their food (unless they are sharing snacks at the cinema).
  2. We can get really sensitive when other people want to touch e.g. hugs (unless you know the person and allow them to touch you).
  3. We can hate loud noises including: fire alarms, discos, bands (depending on the instrument).
  4. We may not like standing in more than an hour queue at theme parks (have to get a disabled pass).
  5. We may struggle with being around big crowds,
  6. We can get stressed and worried with being in a situation that we don’t understand.
  7. We may not like changes including: being in a new environment that we do not recognise.
  8. We may struggle to understand time (quarter two and quarter past).
  9. We may not like being left out especially in day trip out with friends, birthday parties etc.
  10. We can be pushed away, treated horribly and not respectful in a work place situation.
  11. We can muddle up their words and tenses.
  12. We do not understand jokes (sometimes can be understood by visual).
  13. We can sometimes hurt someone else feelings even if they don’t mean to be.
  14. We can sometimes say something horrible to the person without even realising that we are doing it.
  15. We can repeat a lot of questions until we get the answer that we are looking for.
  16. We can sometimes interrupt when someone is speaking to us.
  17. We can sometimes struggle with listening to instructions.
  18. We can struggle to read and understand a long paragraph especially in books.
  19. We can struggle with understanding comprehension when reading a book.
  20. We can struggle with typing up sentences on a computer especially with our grammar and punctuation. We can also, struggle with spelling out words.
  21. We can get very anxious in being in a new situation and can lose our temper badly too.
  22. We can also, be very clumsy.
  23. We don’t like to be shouted at as it can sometimes set off our emotions.